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This is how the site of "Emanuil Gojdu" High School in Oradea looked a few years ago... Many things have changed since then: the high school became a National College, those who were then students are now graduating university, and the site has changed and moved (you can still find the homepage at www.lego.rdsor.ro, but I can't really call it an "up-to-date" site).

In memory of the 4 wonderful years we spent at Gojdu, the authors of the first site thought it would be nice if our school were again on the web, with the pages of those times. I hope that in the future you'll find an "official" and updated site of Emanuil Gojdu "National College", somewhere else on the web...

As you can see, most of the pages are exactly the same as they were 4 years ago. I have included the pages created by the '99 class - an issue of the "řara visurilor noastre" magazine and a page about Christmas in Romania. I have also updated some of the e-mail addresses and re-implemented the Guestbook, that is now waiting for new "entries" from you! :)

Cristi Streng

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