Important information

  1. The program of the contest:
    1. The contest will have 10 rounds, 5 of them in 1997 and 5 in 1998. The first 15 students after these 10 rounds will take part in a final round in Oradea between June 4th-6th 1998.
    2. The problems will be sent weekly, on Fridays, along with the best solutions and the classification after the round that began two weeks ago.
    3. The problems will be sent on: 1997 November 14th, 21st, 28th; 1997 December 5th, 12th; 1998 January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th; 1998 February 7th.
  2. Joining the contest.
    1. All the fields in the registration form must be completed.
    2. Soon after completing the registration form (1 or 2 days) you will receive an e-mail message confirming your registration to the contest - or a warning message if the form was not completed correctly.
    3. The message confirming the registration to the contest will have included the rules of the contest. The participants who want to get more information about the contest can send an e-mail message to with the Subject: Help.
    4. For any problems concerning the registration form feel free to contact us at:, with the Subject of your message: Comments.
  3. The solutions to the problems.
    1. The solutions to the problems of the contest will be sent to:
    2. Each participant will send the solutions from his e-mail address (messages coming from a different address are not accepted).
    3. Each message will contain the solution to exactly one problem (messages containg solutions to more than one problem are not accepted).
    4. The messages containing the solutions will have in the Subject: line the characters: RxPy, where x is the number of the round, and y is the number of the solved problem. Thus, the message containing the solution to problem no. 2 in round 1 will have in the Subject line the text R1P2.
    5. The solutions will be sent either as a file attached to the message or as the message text. MIME Encoded or UUENCODED messages are accepted.
    6. Participants concerned with security problems, please read section 4 - message security.
    7. The messages that do not match the above rules will be automatically sent back to the sender.
  4. Message security.
    1. The participants concerned with the possibility of their messages containing solutions being intercepted by the administrators of their networks or by other people can send the messages encrypted using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
    2. The messages will be encrypted with 'pgp -ea problem.pas', obtaining a file named 'problem.asc' that can be sent in the body of the message (the file is in ASCII format), or with 'pgp -e problem.pas', obtaining the file 'problem.pgp', that must be encoded with UUNECODE or attached to the message.
    3. In the commands above 'problem.pas' is the name of the solution of the problem you want to send. The commands will work only if you have the PGP public key of the contest.
    4. You can get PGP from the web server at Emanuil Gojdu High School, the DOS ( version or the Linux ( version.
  5. Other information:
    1. This is the second edition of the contest, the first edition took place in January - March 1997.
    2. On the contest Web page (, you can find the problems, the most interesting solutions, and also the classification.
    3. After ten rounds, the best 15 students will take part in the final in Oradea between June 4th-6th 1998. The number of the finalists will grow if there are students with the same points.