Due to reasons independent of the organizers, there has been a delay in sending the results. We are trying to remedy this in the shortest time possible. We deeply apologize and we are very sorry that this unfortunate situation arrived.
We ask you to support us, as soon enough we will have to announce the final round that will take place in Oradea.
Thank you for your understanding.

Maria & Adrian Nita,
"Emanuil Gojdu" High School,

EIC problems

Round 10: February 6th, 1998.
Problem 1: Another Kind of Rubik
Problem 2: Encryption
Problem 3: Triangles
Round 9: January 30th, 1998.
Problem 1: Communication
Problem 2: Bases
Problem 3: Roots
Round 8: January 23rd, 1998.
Problem 1: Policemen at Work
Problem 2: Languages
Problem 3: Polygons
Round 7: January 16th, 1998.
Problem 1: Once upon a Time...
Problem 2: Colonies on Mars
Problem 3: Zeroes Again...
Round 6: January 9th, 1998.
Problem 1: Wedding
Problem 2: The Coefficients of the Polynom with Maximum Value
Problem 3: The Trouble Exponent
Round 5: December 12th, 1997.
Problem 1: The Law and the Cities
Problem 2: NIM
Problem 3: Santa Claus is Coming...!
Round 4: December 5th, 1997.
Problem 1: Communication
Problem 2: The Wonderful Undergraduate Life
Round 3: November 28th, 1997.
Problem 1: Channels against Floods
Problem 2: Choosing the Stones
Problem 3: Numbers
Round 2: November 21st, 1997.
Problem 1: Foldings
Problem 2: Game
Problem 3: Unlucky... Zeroes?
Round 1: November 14th, 1997.
Problem 1: Numbers
Problem 2: The First Figure
Problem 3: The Parallel Machine

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