Contest Rules

  1. Participation Rules:
    1. Any high school or college student can take part in this contest.
    2. Every participant must have his own e-mail address.
    3. The problems must be solved in Pascal or C/C++ (preferably Borland/Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Borland C++ 3.1).
  2. You can join this contest:
    1. by sending an e-mail message to respecting the following format:
      Subject: Registration
    2. by completing a registration form
    3. by sending the solutions to a problem, thus it is possible to register during the contest. In this case we are asking you to send all the data specified above with your message. See the information for more details concerning the format of the messages containing the solutions.
  3. All the messages containing solutions to the problems, registration forms or any other comments to the contest will be sent to The messages with comments to the contest will have the Subject: Comments.
  4. The contest:
    1. The program of the contest - see the information.
    2. We will send 2 or 3 problems every Friday. You are expected to send us the solutions to the problems until 24:00 the next Saturday (the next week). The problems sent to be solved, containing examples and points will have mentioned their author and their source.
    3. The solutions we get for the problems in a week will be checked by several teachers in our country, during the following week.
    4. Thus there will be a delay of one week between the receiving of the solutions and the classification for one round (two weeks between the beginning of a round and the classification for that round).
    5. Every week, the participants will get messages with the problems, the solutions of the problems in the previous round, the classification for the previous round and the updated classification.
Read the information for more details concerning the organization, the web page and the program of the contest, the registration for the contest, the format of the messages containing the solutions, security problems.
Cristi Streng

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