Short History of the Highschool
In 1919, when wounds caused by the war were still bleeding, in the united Romania, a few Romanian highschools were inaugurated in Transilvania. Among these there were two public Romanian highschools, founded in Oradea: the theoretical highschool, by transforming the Hungarian theoretical school, and the highschool "E. Gojdu" with a classic modern structure, which functions in 1920 keeping the name "Emanuil Gojdu".
The founding document dates from the 15th of June 1919. On the 1st of August 1919 the pupils' registration begins, on the 2nd of October takes place the first teachers' council, and on the 5th of October the inauguration of the school year, which has a great historical significance. Between 1920 and 1923, the highschool goes through a period of transition, period in which the organising system is changed, adopting the one from Romania before the Union, by replacing the Hungarian programme from 1883 with the one of Spiru Haret and also by changing the teaching language into Romanian.
From 1923 until 1939, the highschool "E. Gojdu" adhears to the changing movements from the Romanian educational system, standing out by the teachers' activity. The teachers realized that in this town with a culture mainly Hungarian in that time, with many foreign medium schoolas, the Romanians were waiting for the reinforcement of our oppressed culture. The teaching staff was an animator of the local cultural life, and for this the school gained a great rename among the Romanian highschools from Transilvania and all the country.
It worth to be mentioned that the first school newspaper from Oradea, "St.Gheorghe", was the one of the highschool "Emanuil Gojdu" and in which, according to prof. Cornel Moga, the pupils "will write many moral-national, cultural, historical and geographical issues".
The most prestigious publication of the school was and will remain the magazine "The Country of Our Dreams", the first edition appearing on the 1st of December 1937. The publicist Ioan Bulgar, wrote in the newspaper "The Flag" from the 2nd of April 1945 :

"The Country of Our Dreams" remained always the same : fair, human, Romanian. It has never slipped. There in the magazine lots of things were wished, were cried out, and mainly believed in. There were times in which that was the only thing left.

And the studente grew up as they were taught by their teachers.
After The Dictate from Vien, Oradea passing under Hungarian domination, the highschool became the Romanian section of the Hungarian highschool. By the exode of the Romanian population, especially of the youth, and also by the expulsion made by the Hungarian authorities, the number of teachers and students was reduced, during this period the existence of the Romanian school being threatened.
The liberation of Oradea on the 12th of October 1944 causes the reinauguration of the Romanian highschool with the name of "The Romanian Public Highschool" and the restauration of he school from the bank of the Crisul Repede river, begining even before the reinstalling of the Romanian administration. Begining with the 1st of September 1945 the highschool takes back its old name; later it will be changed and then reattributed on the 6th of September 1970.

Today, the "Emanuil Gojdu" highschool has 1300 students, in highschool and gimnazium education. The profiles are: informathics, mathematics-phisics, phisics-chemistry, chemistry-biology, bilingual. The highschool has 54 classrooms, 10 laboratories, 3 sports halls, a library having 30000 volumes, a reading-room, boarding school and refectory.
The school is proud of the modern equipement of the informathics labs, of the "Golden Book" and of the history, archeology and etnographaeology and etnography museum.

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