Computers & Communication s.r.l.                               
Head Office: Bucharest, S 1,
Barierei st., No. 13
Tel. / Fax: 401 / 410.09.78.
Tel.: 401 / 637.70.41.

Computers & Communication
company was founded in 1994 and its main activity is the accomplishment of complex financial-accounting programs packages (management data processing, special consulting in information systems).

Another concern is the initiation of children and young people in information science and perfecting their knowledge in this area.

The personnel of Computers & Communication has an ample experience in equipments, programs, PC nets, its previous activity proving a real competence.

S.C. Computers & Communication S.R.L.
a fost infiintata in anul 1994 si are ca activitate principala realizarea de sisteme informatice complexe (proiectarea si informatizarea activitatilor financiar-contabile, consultanta privind sistemele de calcul moderne).

O alta preocupare este instruirea copiilor si a tinerilor in tehnologia informatiilor.

Personalul societatii are o bogata experienta in echipamente, prtograme, retele de calculatoare, activitatile desfasurate anterior constituind referinte deosebite.